Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility

Our commitment to public services goes to the heart of our business.


The success of our business depends on the skills and experience of each employee. We are committed to a diverse workforce and to helping everyone meet their full potential both at work and in their neighborhood.

We offer great careers and structured training to everyone from senior professionals to apprentices, and we welcome applications from anyone who shares our commitment to great service delivery.


Our Neighborhoods Matter volunteering scheme is designed to support the local neighborhoods in which we live and work. Every employee is encouraged to take a day’s paid leave to support local organizations tackle a key public service challenge.


We help clients to introduce remote and flexible working and to access ‘on demand’ software, reducing the impact of technology on the environment and improving the quality of life for employees. We offer this same service to our people, minimizing travel to work and supporting flexible working.

Our ICT assets are reused wherever possible and, where they are beyond economical repair, they are recycled in accordance with local environmental laws.