Revitalizing Neighborhoods, Improving Lives.

Housing services have always played a vital role from building better neighborhoods to providing specialized individual support, including managing waiting lists and administering voucher programs.

We have been working with providers in many different countries for over 22 years to help improve services, measure outcomes and reduce costs. We have helped clients to process twice as many applications, reduce vacancy loss by 70%, complete 35% more repairs on time and reduce rent debt by 25%.  

Worldwide, a volume greater than the entire public housing stock across the US is already managed by our solutions.

We already support public and affordable housing agencies having successfully established our presence and built our credibility and reputation across the UK, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

NPS Housing provides the most comprehensive breadth and depth of capabilities to support housing and homelessness providers, administrators and supporting agencies.

For Housing Authorities, our workflow and built-in policy administration capabilities can improve your PIC scores, help stream line your organization,  improve customer interactions, reduce costs and increase efficiency.