Housing Trends in the US

Housing Trends in the US

Private Housing Trends

Growing private rental market 

A majority of rentals are private and largely concentrated in urban areas with central
cities having about 43% of renters and suburbs the remaining 2%.

Post-recession boom
Since 2008, privately owned rentals have increased significantly, with homeownership still coming at a high cost of entry, and with new financial hurdles that can be hard to overcome for even those with excellent credit and income levels.
Rising rents 

With increased demand outpacing supply, rental prices have increased significantly, 
putting pressure on demand for affordable rentals.











Public Housing Trends

Financial aid
The government has shifted its strategy away from providing housing units to instead providing financial aid for rent assistance and other programs.
Location changes 

While traditionally public housing has been concentrated in urban areas, the need for subsidized housing has now spread to suburban and rural areas. There is pressure to consolidate services, centralize access and waitlist, and support mobility to high-opportunity areas. Many legacy housing platforms can’t adequately support these needs.

Ageing properties

Over 74% of existing tenants were satisfied with the public housing provided to them, but research has shown that much of the housing stock is old and newer tenants are less likely to want to move into these properties.

The rising maintenance deficit, and falling facility condition indices require drastic changes in approach to responsive and planned maintenance, including capital repairs, replacements and major refurbishments. While grants may be available, administering these programs can be burdensome on your organization. Your staff need the tools to get the job done, better, faster, and with less investment.

Targeted assistance
Public Housing programs are being specifically targeted to help those most in need including low income households, the elderly and people with disabilities.

Your housing software solution needs to provide you with the tools to place the right people, in the right homes, and tie into the right funding programs without increasing your administrative overhead.  

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