Social Housing Issues

Social Housing Issues

Proactively supporting, demonstable outcomes

Public and social housing is an ever-changing and challenging business.

Due to an aging housing stock, an aging population, immigration challenges, and complex family, social and medical issues, your organization is under constant pressure.

NPS Housing provides comprehensive tools to help drive outcomes internally, and with your community partners, including case management capabilities for in-house supportive services and referrals to third parties. You will be able to view data about the effectiveness and delivery of programs and how they affect your tenants and the community as a whole.

Customer service

Providing transparent, consistent service, within the policies and legislation that governs your organization is another pressure.  NPS Housing’s capabilities for CRM, either integrated, or leveraging our built-in modules, allows you to respond quickly, leverage automated workflows, notifications and responses, and report on the types of demands and inquiries being made of your organization.  

Self Service lets you leverage Internet and kiosks, to improve accessibility, while reducing the workload on your frontline. NPS tools can help manage your enforcement and enable quick correction when tenants are in violation of policy, and provides a running history of incidents.

Rent supplement programmes, privatization and third party investment

Around the world we are seeing fewer and fewer new builds of public housing, but instead a move towards partnerships with the private sector, and in some cases, freedom to diversify your property portfolio.

NPS Housing supports the management of rent supplement programs, from inspections, and relationship management, to income verification, and payment processing integration you need to manage this smoothly.

NPS Housing also allows you to support a diversified portfolio, ensuring you maximize revenues from assets such as storefronts, office space, parking, and cell-towers. It also allows you to change your portfolio mix, including mixed-income communities, all while retaining the history and demonstrating the value of what your organization brings to the community as a whole.

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